College Environment


AC Smart Class Rooms


The college main building is G+4-storied with more than two thousand square meters covered area, and is fully furnished with state-of-the-art features. The high quality physical infrastructure along with a very congenial, green and serene ambience makes the institution an ideal place for learning.


Fully air-conditioned Smart classrooms are available in our college to provide comfortable atmosphere for our students for perfect education. Moreover, well furnished furniture and infrastructure are present in the classrooms. Extra classes are also conducted by our college to our students if required. All class rooms are fully air conditioned so that students can concentrate in their classes with full comfort


AC Library


Computer Lab


Our college has a fully air-conditioned library, consisting of a huge volume of books and spacious sitting arrangement for self study. Ranging from syllabus related books to referential texts, to journals and magazines, our library provides best of reading facilities to our students. Books are issued to the students as per the norms and regulations of the library.


The college has a spacious state-of-the art Computer Laboratory. Each student is allotted a computer for hands on training. Computer sets of latest technology are provisioned for the students our college for their study related work. College provides internet facilities for students for their projects works.



Physics Lab


Games & Sports


Well equipped instruments in Physics laboratory.


Several indoor games like Chess, Carom etc. and Outdoor like Football, Cricket, Badminton etc are available.


Hardware Lab


Canteen & Common Rooms


Top graded instruments in Electronics laboratory for Digital Electronics and Micro Processor Practical.


The College Canteen is a large spacious area, with a view of greenery all around, and a variety of refreshments and meals available. Separate Common Room for Boys and Girls